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Trader Joe's Falafel Mix

Today, I type this whilst the sun shines, the snow melts, and . Maybe that last part is more imaginative than real at this point. But a few days ago, there was yet another nor'easter. And with that - mass shopping raids at Trader Joe's. I find it fascinating what people buy in preparation for big snowstorms. It tells you a lot about the person, sometimes. Are you about the bread and milk? What's your snowstorm ride or die food? 

Trader Ming's Pork Shu Mai

It's definitely been a year since I last tried a Trader Ming or any kind of Trader Joe's Asian food.  To be fair, I think there is a time and a place for TJ's Asian food for a number of legitimately compelling reasons. And aside from a few notable exceptions, I haven't really loved much of what I've tried. Having been blessed to have authentic home-cooking and access to delicious restaurants (that Chinese people actually love) has calibrated my expectations of supermarket frozen Asian food. Here's a question - is America and Trader Joe's nation ready for authentic authentic Chinese food?
Or any ethnic cuisine for that matter? Is "authentic" necessarily better? Does authenticity matter? I've been thinking about food culture, ethnicity, and the American landscape. Thanks, Ugly Delicious. :P

Trader Joe's Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates

The increasing sunlight outside is certainly brightening my mood. But my body seems to think that spring should follow suit. That clearly hasn't been the case. It's still rather chilly for my taste, but I've been longing for more spring-esque food. Y'know..full of fresh tasting veggies and a hint of spring/summer harvest.

Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados

Yesterday, I lost my car keys. Right after I parked it. In a place two hours from my home. Spent the rest of the day looking for it. Didn't find it until A trekked out there and "found it" in the breast pocket of my coat - THAT I WAS WEARING THE WHOLE TIME. If that isn't talent, I don't know what is. So of course, I would also pick up the one package of teeny tiny avocados that doesn't actually say "Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados." Life goes on y'all. 

Trader Joe's Crispy Crunchy Okra

Real talk: I tried this because Mindy Kaling apparently said it was good. Once again, social media has proved so cool that you can do nosy things like stalk the normal-but-not-really-normal-lives of celebrities. And once again, social media easily hypes up things that ought not to be hyped. Like freeze-dried okra. Ugh. 

Trader Joe's Sprouted Whole Grain Pizza Crust

I went through a Trader Joe's pizza phase in college. Not frozen pizzas, no. Like DIY pizza back when pizza dough was $0.99 (It's still cheap though, under $2). Like meal prep. The process from start to finish including rolling out the dough, prepping the toppings, and baking took 30 minutes tops. And the result? Pretty darn good pizza and moderately nutritious too. These days I don't do that as often, but when I do make pizza I've typically made my dough from scratch. As it turns out, homemade pizza dough, the lazy version at least, is as easy as four ingredients (flour, water, salt, yeast) and can be as fast as a half hour (speeding up the proofing process by sticking it in a preheated oven to 200F is probably frowned upon). But I don't always want to cook, and TJ's specializes in food for people who like to cook but not that much. And this pizza crust is new and allegedly thin and crispy! Take my money!