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Trader Joe's Organic Mediterranean Style Salad Kit

This post is dedicated to all the fathers out there who against all stereotypes adore vegetables and salads. Sure, dads still grill and feed you things you probably ought not to eat but you can because mom is out of town. But my own father and my father-in-law? Both are very veggie-leaning these days, which works out for me on most days considering that I lean that way myself. And yes, every celebrity chef out there on a crusade to get us to cook more and eat fewer processed foods has lamented over the subpar-ness of packaged salad. Fresh ingredients are so much better! And cheaper!  Except on an average day, I can't be bothered to wash salad greens for the life of me. I imagine that's the battle most of us face - will you pay for health with time or money? 

Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi

Imagine it's 2050. And every carb you love as been replaced with cauliflower. Do you scream in horror? Do you jump for joy? Or are you a little confused, maybe somewhere in the middle wondering why we have to live life on the extreme ends? No matter where you stand, it's actually 2018. June. And TJ's is conquering the cauliflower world y'all. 

Trader Joe's Peruvian Style Chimichurri Rice

These days I can generally lump my TJ's purchases into one of three categories - staples and sustenance, new or must-try-for-the-blog, and favorites. Interestingly, I probably buy the fewest items from the favorites category, for myself at least. Favorites usually consist of dangerously delicious things that I'm probably better off not buying lest I finish the entire bag by myself in a matter of 48 hours. I'm trying to be a responsible adult some on most days.