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Trader Joe's Warm Vanilla Body Butter

Nostalgia sells. Isn't that what a lot of us chase especially during the holidays? It's creating coziness, seeking out new memories, and revisiting warm and familiar sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and smells. Why else do we spend money on Anthropologie candles?? (Because they smell good. Yes they do. Can't deny that. It's burning up the oxygen in my house, but I don't care. But also I no longer own Anthro candles because TJ's makes some really nice ones that cost a fraction of the price. :P) 

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Trader Joe's Black Truffle Alfredo Pasta Sauce

I don't usually buy white sauce. We all know it's not the healthiest. But man, the creaminess delivered with a nice starchy pasta is just a heavenly combo. It has everything our bodies crave when the temperatures dip - carbs, fat, and salt. And it's exactly the type of sauce that appeals to A. Take my money. 

Trader Joe's Gingerbread Spice Granola

Thanksgiving wiped me out y'all. I quite like the gatherings and festivities and delicious delights, but after days straight of eating eating and eating, I'm wiped out. I need a salad. Oh wait. It's safer to eat fries than salad at the moment, or so some people say (it's really not that dangerous as long as you can identify the origin of the lettuce!). In any event, I may or may not have eaten fries for post-work breakfast. Oh well...we'll go back to healthier things tomorrow, don't we all say that? Onto some granola. 

Trader Joe's Mini Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches

"OMG ARE THESE GOOD????" "I NEED TO HAVE THEM!!!" "TAKE MY MONEY NOWWWWW." These and a few others - Instagram comments and messages on the hottest little stroop in town.

Trader Joe's Pepita Salsa

This post serves to remind you that this product existed and was kinda hype at one point before the temperatures plummeted, and turkey and chocolates invaded the shelves. I picked this up and tried it out maybe a month ago and never got around to posting the review. Life happens and I get preoccupied with making birthday cakes and such.

Trader Joe's Brussels Sprouts Stalk - Roasted on the Stalk

Today's review highlights one of my seasonal favorites - brussels sprouts on the stalk. Move aside pumpkins. These are stunning - so massive that you wonder which bag to use to tote it home. It's perfect for Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and all the other food-centric gatherings coming your way.

Trader Joe's Apple Cider Jam

This is one of those nice seasonal products that flies in under the radar while Instagram screams pumpkin. No, it's not going to get it's own display with a ginormous hand-drawn sign and it's not even special enough to get showcased at the free sample station. (Pro tip: make the sample station your first stop to stave off hanger and help you make better, theoretically less impulsive choices. :P) Or maybe it was at one time years ago but who cares because it's no longer new and "relevant." Such is the tempo of our age - here today "OMAI THE HOTTEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD" and gone tomorrow, replaced by the newest hottest thing since sliced bread.