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Trader Joe's Pumpkin Soup Crackers

I recently drove past a house completely decked out in Christmas lights. I love Christmas and all but is that really necessary? Anyway, I thought I'd throw in one last pumpkin review. Don't believe the mass retailers out for your holiday money - it's technically still pumpkin season. 

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Trader Joe's Organic Cranberry Spiced Apple Kombucha

It appears that my wish for more kombucha flavors has come true.  While everyone was fawning over everything pumpkin (which is like soooooo last month by the way :P) on opening day [of the TJ's grand opening I recently attended. never again people. never again] , I grabbed this kombucha partially because it's something I reach for when I'm crazy tired and because it's pink-tinged. Yaaaaass.

Trader Joe's Icelandic Style Nonfat Yogurt (Plain & Strawberry Flavors)

We are quickly approaching the [colder] season where we celebrate and spend time together by filling our bellies with copious amounts of delicious comfort food. And also when people ask me what they should get from Trader Joe's, I tend to recommend treats and special foods that are probably best consumed in moderation. Why? Uh..because it's good? Granted, there are tasty and healthy foods available, but realistically, who is going to drive 45 minutes to a Trader Joe's for some salad and yogurt? Not me. But if I happen to be at a Trader Joe's, lactose or no lactose, Ima try a new yogurt, especially if it has nice packaging. :P 

Trader Joe's Maple Pecan Shortbread Bar Mix

Welcome to another edition of baking for people who like to bake but not too much. Or for people who like to bake but don't want to wash as many dishes. Or for people wanting to impress people with their baking without having to drown in piles of flour and sugar. Trader Joe's has your back y'all. 

Trader Joe's Beer Bread Mix

I've never had beer bread. I also don't drink beer. While I never really saw the need for a beer bread mix, this mix remains dearly beloved by many. It comes around only during the fall and couldn't be easier to use. So if baking but not too much or beer in your bread sounds appealing, read on. 

Trader Joe's Roasted Cocoa Nibs

There's crunchy. There's make-your-own granola crunchy. And then there's crunchiness of stratospheric levels. Is there an objective standard for that? Depends who you ask. But I do know that we all have varying degrees of tolerance for crunchiness. Truthfully, I enjoy crunchy aka "healthy" foods just about as much as I enjoy unhealthy [salty crunchy] foods. Where do these roasted cocoa or cacao nibs fall along the granola crunchy spectrum? I'd say supremely crunchy approaching stratospherically crunchy. 

Trader Joe's Pain Au Lait

It seems fitting to follow up alternative pasta part 3 with its opposite - bread. Beautiful, soft white milk bread. From France. Carbs are life y'all. Carbs are life. I like the simplicity of it. No fillings. No plaits. Just bread. And definitely no pumpkin spice. :P