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Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea

It's pretty safe to say that it's officially winter, even if the calendar denies it. We just had our first snowfall, and the sun sets at like 3pm these days. Maybe 4 if it's generous. And it's around this time of year that I am tempted to wrap myself in a nice blanket, sit on my couch with a pipping hot cup of tea, and never leave. Probably bad to never leave your house. But the other two I can wholeheartedly endorse! Especially if that cuppa is this winter delight. 

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Trader Joe's Beef Shepherd's Pie

Today's post features a frozen meal that appeals to what I perceive as the typical millenial TJ's patron - one who desires homecooked-ish meals with minimal work. It's not that we're lazy (although depends who you ask :P). It's that we're busy, life is busy, and it's kind of hard to cook for one. Or two. And while meal prepping is nice in theory and can be aesthetically pleasing on social media, it takes work and a commitment to plan ahead. And if it's one thing millenials tend to dislike - it's commitment. :P 

Trader Jacque's Cultured Salted Butter

Occasionally, Trader Joe's reminds me that they watch out for people that actually enjoy and care a little about cooking. Not that there's anything wrong with food for people who like to cook but not too much. Frankly, A and I find ourselves tired, hungry, and not wanting to cook at least once a week (and often times, it's the TJ potstickers that bail us out. But we're out at the moment sooooooo I gotta make a trip soon). But this product? This isn't a convenience food or something really Instagrammable (people going crazy over that coconut whipped topping, which I have no plans to review because it just doesn't appeal to me). It's more like I've been watching Julia Child and Ina Garten, and they've both convinced me that life is better with butter. French butter. 

Trader Joe's Stroopwafel Dutch Caramel Waffle Cookies

Three words. Great British Bake-Off. Fine four words. I'm sleep deprived and can't tell the difference. GBBO (baking show for the American Netflix crowd) has convinced me to attempt and taste baked goods I would normally never consider otherwise. I've seen mini stroopwafels before at TJ's (under some European brand instead of TJ's private label) but this drown-in-your-coffee-mug-size is new for this holiday season. Quaint packaging and a little GBBO nostalgia made me more than happy to plop down $2.99 for this baby. 

Trader Joe's Bamba Peanut Snacks

Happy Monday! Perhaps you are one of those people who dragged themselves to work or school this morning after a long weekend of feasting and merriment. Wouldn't we all like 9 days off, *cough* A *cough* Would your days not be filled with dread but hope, productivity, some pep in your step, and snacks to fuel your brain. Who am I to refuse a snack? :P

Trader Joe's Apple Cranberry Herbal Tea Blend

I've reviewed quite a few teas on the blog, but even still I haven't tried every single kind. I like tea. I even appreciate good tea. Although TJ's does carry seasonal loose leaf teas, I've never bothered because I'm not that picky if it tastes good and gets the relaxation or caffeination job done. And as much as I love the idea of brewing a nice cuppa and sitting down to enjoy it, time eludes me. But if y'all have tried the loose leaf teas at TJ's, I love to hear your recommendations. :) 

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Soup Crackers

I recently drove past a house completely decked out in Christmas lights. I love Christmas and all but is that really necessary? Anyway, I thought I'd throw in one last pumpkin review. Don't believe the mass retailers out for your holiday money - it's technically still pumpkin season.