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Trader Joe's Apple Cider Scent Foaming Hand Soap + Trader Joe's Honeycrisp Apple Scented Candle

Happy first day of fall! To celebrate - a non- pumpkin spice product review! Yay! As a side note, if you're overwhelmed by the selection of pumpkin and non-pumpkin fall goodies at TJ's, check out the my fall grocery guide
One of my favorite aisles at TJ's is the home/personal care/non-edibles aisle. There are some seasonal gems, including my favorite soap and hand towels. It's the simple pleasures in life. :) 
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Trader Joe's Corn On the Cob Popping Corn

This product would be a FABULOUS example to test out the "try before you buy" policy at Trader Joe's. Really. I can try ANYTHING before buying? How about raw meat? Wine? Hydrolyzed collagen? Dog food? Because this product says "remove from plastic for instructions." And it pops off the cob? But also microwave...soooooo it can't be that novel. Should have requested an in-store try, but whatever, I plopped down $1.99 for the sake of my reader friends. You're welcome. :P 

Trader Joe's Organic Cold Pressed Fuji Apple Spiced Cider

I am not one to rush the seasons. There is something fundamentally not right about pushing all the things we love about fall while the weather is still warm and humid. But I suppose if you're a Californian or a Floridian, it's no problem. So as much as I want to RESIST caving into buying and trying new fall stuff, I can't. It's here (fall Trader Joe's products). It's coming (actual autumn). And it'll be replaced by holiday stuff before you know it (probably in the middle of the October).  We've got to slow down (I'm still trying to catch up on Terrace House y'all). Thus commences the season of reviewing as many non-pumpkin spice Trader Joe's products as possible.* 
*I think pumpkin spice is like the Ugg boot of the food world. I can't deny the contingency of loyal followers, I suspect many of them bandwagoners. Certainly, I can't deny that pumpkin spice, like Uggs, done correctly and in moderation serves a purpose. Both are warm and…

Trader Joe's ABC Bars (Almond Butter Cocoa Bars)

"Man. I really just crave a granola bar." I don't think I've ever said that. Bars are a convenient option to tide you over between meals or provide a quick burst of energy when you're in a rush to get somewhere. I definitely relied on granola bars throughout college and any time that I've had to get up early - nightshift has crippled my ability to be up before 9:00am without some compelling incentive. And while TJ's has a decent selection of their own private label granola bars, I've gotten tired of them over the years and stopped repurchasing, not because they're bad but because they are just okay and I have no need for them anymore. But I picked these up recently for A, who unlike me, reaches for a bar every now and then. 

Trader Joe's Heirloom Popcorn

#InstagramMadeMeBuyIt #DontBelieveTheHype #ItsAllHypeTho #HeirloomWhat 

Trader Joe's Thai Tea Mini Mochi

These days, back-to-school season conjures up grade school memories of school lunch. I know American cafeteria school lunch is quite terrible and blah blah blah, but back then, school lunch was kind of a treat. Social media wasn't a thing, so modern age moms weren't concerned about "how do I make my kid's school lunch more healthy yet appealing so they'll eat it?" Noooope. For years it was the standard sandwich, juice box, and maybe a snack of some sort. Then sometime close to senior year in high school, I started requesting lunchbox (便當) food, as in homecooked Chinese food. No, I don't have some scarring experience of getting weird stares or "ewwwww gross" reactions in the cafeteria because of my "exotic ethnic food" as some of my fellow Asian-Americans have had. Actually, I had some sort of epiphany regarding my ethnic identity* and the fact that even though my mom isn't the world's greatest chef (not a knock on her cooking.…

Trader Joe's Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing

Is anyone else a little offended by the appearance of pumpkin spice in August? STAHHHHP. I'm still loving the abundance of summer harvest and the abundance of food-centered vacations. In our house, you can take a trip somewhere but it's not really a vacation unless there's some really good food involved. Fine in moderation. But I can't live like this everyday. Somebody feed me a salad.