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Trader Joe's Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub

75 degree weather in February. We've finally gotten our first taste of spring y'all, which means for many humans, sun's out guns out. And if you go against cultural standards of beauty, who cares that your skin is maybe flaky, dried up like dinosaur scales, and hasn't seen the light of day in months? Seriously. Anyway, it turns out dry flaky skin while aesthetically tolerable (hiding under layers of clothing helps), feels pretty uncomfortable, especially on the three days of the week where I wear hospital-laundered scrubs that feel more like parchment or a burlap sack. Ain't nobody got time for 12 hours of that skin irritation, so these days I've been trying to exfoliate regularly and moisturize daily like I'm gearing up for battle.  Hence this beautiful sugar scrub! 

Trader Joe's Green Goddess Salad Dressing

I love watching the Olympics. But more than that, I LOVE watching Olympic figure skating, probably because it's one of those things I wish I could do but probably would never be able to do in a million years. This is the first year where I've been rather invested in all of the events, not just the ladies' competition (which is probably the least interesting competition IMO this year. Barring something catastrophic, it's going to be Russia #1 and #2 and everyone else fighting for a piece of the bronze). What I find fascinating is how these athletes deliver (or not!) given all the media hype leading up to the Games. Case in point - Nathan Chen. What a bittersweet journey of so so so much King Quad hype, two just awful performances, and a 6 quad redemption (yeah I know technically only landed five of them nicely..but you have to give him credit for going for it). Of course, you can't blame his performance ENTIRELY on media hype, but it definitely played a big part.

Trader Joe's Gummy Xs & Os

My husband, A, and I recently took a mini roadtrip to New England. In the middle of winter, yes. My consolation? A Trader Joe's trip of course. It's been a tradition that anywhere I go in the United States, if there's a TJ's somewhere, you know you'll find me there. Call it TJ's tourism. Like a kid at a candy store, my eyes lit up at every snack, even ones that I don't even normally like. Hence the candy. 

Trader Giotto's Organic Red Lentil Sedanini

I have nothing against spaghetti squash, zoodles, or carrot spirals. They are delicious and quite healthy, but let's not fool ourselves or anyone else into thinking that a vegetable can actually BE pasta. There is a world of difference between acting like pasta and being pasta. I feel the captain obvious need to point that out in a world of "alternative facts." :P 

Trader Joe's Organic Mango Kombucha, Organic Green Kombucha, & Organic Pomegranate Hibiscus Kombucha

It's the small simple things that bring a lot of joy to my day to day. A cozy scarf. My bed. A nearly deserted grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday. Soft scrubs that don't feel like a burlap shopping bag. That delicious smelling hand soap. Lactaid pills. New kombucha flavors. Hello my pretties.