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Trader Joe's White Wheat Bread

First, it was kale. Today, I bring you sliced bread (again). What kind of Trader Joe's blog is this? What about the new happening salted caramel bread pudding (probably will not review on my own unless there's a critical mass of people that want to eat it with me)? What's so special about sliced bread? Here on my blog, I like to dispel the myth that Trader Joe's is a magical place brimming with specialty, [sometimes] wannabe [insert ethnic food product] things that you can't get anywhere else. I've got news y'all-- on any given day, I buy mostly boring stuff from TJ's. Eggs. Bread. Certain vegetables. Not everyday can be a speculoos ice cream day! 
Weekday breakfast a la casa Samdrew is usually toast [with PB for him, hummus for me]. I had been buying a different, better tasting variety of the TJ's sprouted wheat bread for weeks when A pleaded with me to get something else. 
Me: *fake shock* what you don't like it?  A: No..can we try something di…

Trader Joe's Macaroni & Cheese

Another backlogged post. I meant to cook this around the same time frame as the white cheddar shells, but clearly I've been preoccupied for the past 6 months. Boxed mac and cheese was a childhood staple at my house.  I grew up thinking mac and cheese came from a box, and it didn't occur to me until probably middle school that you could theoretically make it from scratch. Astonishing, I know. So much nostalgia in this box! Oh the memories of almost setting my house on fire at age 8, scarfing down Easy Mac before swim practice during grade school...

Trader Joe's Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky

Nearly a month later, I still find myself reminiscing over San Francisco. The weather. The food. The Trader Joe's. See here on the East Coast, if you buy something like Speculoos ice cream it'll elicit some kind of response from the cashier like, "omai it's so dangerously addicting it's like crack." Over there, I had one cashier comment on every single item I purchased (no wonder the checkout line was long), that is except for this one.  Maybe she was vegan? Considering SF, the hipster lifestyle, the environmental consciousness, AND Trader Joe's, I'd say the chances of that are high. 
(I'd be really impressed if one day TJ's came out with vegan jerky. Sounds like an oxymoron.)