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Trader Joe's Earl Grey de La Creme Loose Leaf Black Tea Blend

It seems that Trader Joe's has heard my cry for loose leaf tea. If I'm not mistaken, TJ's hasn't released many versions of loose leaf tea. Finally, something "real tea drinkers" (I'm not. Biodegradable tea bags are wonderful) can appreciate. And can I just say America needs to adopt some version of afternoon tea? The British have it. The Chinese have it. We should have it too.

Trader Joe's Mini Greek Spirals with Leeks & Feta Cheese

On the twelfth day of 2018, my true love said to me, "what is this trash doing on the ground?" By trash he meant the empty cardboard packaging of these mini greek spirals. Uhhh...I keep empty TJ's trash around to remind me to write the reviews for specific products. Like a hoarder. And not to be all gloom and doom (though it's hard not to considering the gray and strangely warm weather outside), China isn't taking our recycling anymore. Is my recycling meaningless? Is my TJ's patronage contributing to the destruction of the earth? These are the things I contemplate as I eat my morning cereal. That and...oh yeah these mini greek spirals I had on New Years Day. 

Trader Joe's Smoky Honey Seasoned Kettle Chips

We are well into the season I like to call the annual "Your Best Life Now" reset. Y'know. New year, new you. Something along those lines. I'm not a big believer in resolutions. Goals though with specific, time-sensitive intervention with measurable outcomes? I'll listen. 

Trader Joe's 3 Seed Beet Crackers and 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers

I hit up my dear old Joe yesterday before the bomb cyclone struck (which in our area didn't turn out to be so bad...not as bad as the snowpocalypse that I remember) and before the frantic crowds arrived to raid the shelves for bread and milk (bread I baked and milk I'm lactose-intolerant so I was set :D). It's quite nice seeing the holiday products leave the shelves. Usually you can still find random holiday stuff that didn't sell well or was just in surplus. I'm hoping that these crackers are not holiday items but snacks staying with us year round.