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Showing posts from February, 2015

Trader Joe's European Style Lowfat Yogurt

Fear not. I consumed this yogurt long before that expiration date. But maybe that wasn't the first thing that caught your eye. Perhaps I have too much experience with expired dairy products. If y'all have dropped New Years resolutions already, don't worry! Chinese New Year was recent enough to give you an excuse to clean out your fridge. :D 
I consume TJ's yogurt mostly out of necessity. It's pretty affordable and fills my stomach with something when I don't have time or the appetite to eat a real meal. Most of the time I like my yogurt Greek-- thick, creamy, and a bit tart. Thick yogurt resembles solid food more closely than thin yogurt, which is why I prefer it. 

Trader Joe's Sprouted Flourless Whole Wheat Berry Bread

Sliced bread changed the world y'all. Which is why I must review it for the blog. Prepare yourself for some nerdery. 

Thai Joe's Lemongrass Chicken Stix

I tread on the side of caution when it comes to Trader Joe's Asian food. I also set lower expectations because then it doesn't hurt as much when the food is "meh." I usually go for the non-Chinese Trader Joe's food though because the disappointment doesn't sting as much. I haven't had the heart to try too many Chinese dishes because home turf letdowns hurt almost as much as that pass on the 1-yard line the Seahawks pulled a few weeks ago. Which brings me to these chicken stix. The name reminds me of a Burger King fry-shaped chicken nugget product from a few years ago, not these egg roll wannabes. 

Trader Joe's Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea

It's February. Why am I still reviewing holiday stuff? Shouldn't I be reviewing pink, heart-shaped items? 

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

This post is dedicated to an old friend WH (by old I mean I've known him for a while, not in reference to his age! But I suppose it could be that too. Just kidding. :D) I have to give him and one of my old college roommates credit for converting me to Trader Joe's. But of all the people I have to credit with bringing me over to the dark side, my Trader Joe's obsession would not exist without him. He voluntarily drove a group of us (but a lot of the time just me cuz how's a girl gonna say no to my man TJ?) every week to TJ's and introduced me to things like chicken sausage and THESE BABIES.