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Trader Joe's Shredded Bite Size Wheats (Original + Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar)

Shredded wheat is about as exciting as laundry. Or going to work. Is it Friday yet? Fortunately for me, YES TODAY IS FRIDAY BECAUSE I'M OFF TOMORROW. Happy Monday to everyone else. :)

Anyhoo, I found myself in a cereal mood not too long ago and picked this up because it's out of the box. My usual cereal box that is. Not the worse pun I've heard, but pretty bad. It's Friday y'all. Hear me roar. 

Trader Joe's Avocado Oil

There was once a time where I found myself in scintillating discussions about vitamin toxicity, the most nutritionally balanced breakfast, and the monounsaturated vs polyunsaturated fat content of certain cooking oils. Before weekly community group. Because when you find yourself socially awkward and don't know what else to talk about, you talk about what you know. Which at the time was food and nutrition. This product reminds me of those good ole days. 

Trader Joe's Bollywood Popcorn

Well here's something really new. I haven't seen ethnic cuisine-flavored popcorn on the market, really anywhere. I'll be honest, the name "Bollywood popcorn" fascinates me and also kinda makes me cringe at the time. I get it. They were going for something avant garde. But there's something about it that's a little too kitschy for me. 

Trader Joe's Somewhat Spicy Dill Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

This product name though, what a mouthful. It's pickle chips y'all. Except pickle chips would probably turn away anyone who dislikes pickles. Smart move, TJ's. 

I'd like to take this time to acknowledge my one-year anniversary with the other delicious pickle-flavored snack. Unlike this dude in the orange and green plaid (what is up with that color combination?), for me everything changed the day I discovered pickle popcorn. True story. I'm not sure which packaging is creepier - the metallic orange-haired man dressed for golfing on St. Patrick's Day or a headless dancing pickle. Stuff of nightmares.

I got a kick out of the potato pickle interaction. That pickle is playing hard to get. Sounds like me in the early stages of dating my now-husband A, LOL. 

Trader Joe's Salad Palette with Mango

Mango Mania gets fancypants y'all. Not just a salad. It's a salad palette

This looked promising, especially with mango and GOAT CHEESE. Don't worry - I consumed this salad long before the expiration date. There's no way A would allow me to save a month old salad in the fridge. :P 

I'm impressed by how many vegetables they managed to cram into this palette. Peas, watermelon radish (never heard of that. is it because it's green and purple/red?), snap peas, mango, red onion, arugula, spring mix...we could be here for a while y'all. The fat content looks horrifying as usual for a salad. It's okay though because unless you want a salad drenched in dressing, it's perfectly fine to use less. 
This was a pretty decent-sized portion. I was amply stuffed having this for dinner one night at work, and I shared this once with A and once with D

Like I said, I only used about half the dressing, maybe a little less, just to coat the leaves so that they aren…