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Trader Joe's White Wheat Bread

First, it was kale. Today, I bring you sliced bread (again). What kind of Trader Joe's blog is this? What about the new happening salted caramel bread pudding (probably will not review on my own unless there's a critical mass of people that want to eat it with me)? What's so special about sliced bread? Here on my blog, I like to dispel the myth that Trader Joe's is a magical place brimming with specialty, [sometimes] wannabe [insert ethnic food product] things that you can't get anywhere else. I've got news y'all-- on any given day, I buy mostly boring stuff from TJ's. Eggs. Bread. Certain vegetables. Not everyday can be a speculoos ice cream day! 

Weekday breakfast a la casa Samdrew is usually toast [with PB for him, hummus for me]. I had been buying a different, better tasting variety of the TJ's sprouted wheat bread for weeks when A pleaded with me to get something else. 

Me: *fake shock* what you don't like it? 
A: No..can we try something different? (Translation: IT TASTES TOO HEALTHY OMG)  

So it was either Canadian bread (what is that) or this. White wheat bread. 

Wait what? That's an oxymoron. How can you be white AND wheat? 

This nutritional profile sounds too good to be true. For one, this bread is "lightly sweetened with a touch of honey" but there's 0g sugar!!! (which probably means there is sugar but not enough to be significant. TRICKY TRICKY) And there's 4g protein and 3g fiber (which is 1g less than the sprouted wheat flourless bread and 1g more of fiber), which is pretty good considering this is supposed to be "white" bread. 

Apparently there's such thing as white whole wheat flour. Weird. 

Toasted vs un-toasted bread. As far as store bought sliced-breads go, you can pretty much tell the quality straight from the bag. Anything that requires any toasting or other manipulation to make edible is not good. The un-toasted bread has that same soft, chewy texture without being dry or cardboard-like. It's more dense than regular white bread but a step down from potato bread. We like toasted bread in our house, but un-toasted would work just fine. 

I haven't perused the shelves of other grocery stores to see the other white wheat bread varieties out there, but I'm sure they exist. I just have certain brand snobbery loyalty. A declined to submit a rating for this review. When I asked him what he rated this bread, he gave me a blank look and went back to whatever he was doing; but we're on the third or fourth loaf of this stuff, which says it all. 

There's different kinds of love in this world. There's sweep-you-off-your-feet, warm fuzzy feelings, first-sight kind of love (ie. speculoos ice cream). Then there's been-married-fifty-years-still-holding-hands-in-the-park-even-though-we're-wrinkly-and-have-joint-pain-now kind of love. I think this bread lands in the latter category. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's White Wheat Bread. Better-for-you delicious [not] white bread! 8 out of 10. 


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