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Trader Joe's Cheddar & Horseradish Flavored Potato Chip

A snack review requested by my friend Chrizchianity! I think to give a fair review of a snack, particularly a salty crunchy one, I must have ample time to chew on it. Literally. I had this for the first time last year and didn't think too much of it and recently tried it again. So if you don't see too many snack food reviews around here, it's because I try to buy it a couple times before I review it. (Except for the pickle popcorn review - I wrote that one after the first or second bag)

Speaking of pickle popcorn, OH MY. After a few trips of successfully avoiding the ever-so-tempting snack aisle, I finally caved. To my surprise, I did not find any pickle popcorn, which is crazy because just two or three weeks ago my TJ's dedicated an entire display to just that! I mentioned this to my cashier, and she told me that it's a seasonal product. WHICH MEANS IT'S GONE UNTIL NEXT SUMMER. WHAT. Some sick person is capitalizing on distraught salty sour pickle popcorn fiends by putting a bag on eBay! (And no I'm not bidding for it. I've stopped overpaying for seasonal Trader Joe's products after my pumpkin spice granola incident, which is now back in stock at my TJ's) And worst of all - my TJ's did not advertise this as a seasonal product, which means I was misled to believe this would be permanently placed in the snack aisle. OH THE HEARTBREAK. I never had the urgency to stock up! At least with my fox tea (it's not back yet), I KNEW that time was limited, so I knew to hoard plan ahead. But this?? This loss was too sudden. Such that I wrote an email to Trader Joe's. Will keep y'all posted on that y'all. 

Meanwhile, the conversation I had with my husband after work went something like this: 
Me: I got the worst news today!
A: What? Do you have to work more? More overtime? 
Me: Even worse! TJ's didn't have pickle popcorn! And the lady told me it's seasonal! 
A: *not impressed face*
Me: I think I'm going to start a petition. This is madness.
Me: Here, you have to try these chips now because I'm so upset. 

Thus, it is with a heavy heart, I give you this review. I remembered these chips because I couldn't find my beloved pickle popcorn. Delightfully flavored, cheesy, spicy and wave kettle chip. Because salty crunchy snacks make things better (sometimes). 

This too is one of those snacks that grew on me (except this has a permanent place in the snack aisle. *still miffed*). It has a very pungent horseradish taste, such that it triggered A's gag reflex. He spit it out right away because he couldn't take it. I on the other hand happen to like horseradish. I like to have enough wasabi JUST before the burn becomes too much, but I agree with him - it's like crunchy wasabi with a hint of rather artificial cheddar. The horseradish definitely overpowers the cheddar, but the cheddar is only there as the sidekick anyway. I'll take that. These don't look kettle-cooked to me, but they certainly have that taste. I suppose the wavy texture masks the kettle-cooked look typical to other wavy chip brands. I also love the substantial crunch. You just have to give it time to acclimate to the horseradish burn, as it is with all horseradish/wasabi snacks. 

Definitely not kid friendly though, unless your kid enjoys pain. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Cheddar & Horseradish Flavored Potato Chip. Crunch and burn.  Sounds like a winner to me. Or a workout mantra. 7 out of 10. 


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