Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's Slims Chocolate & Vanilla Creme Cookie

Just about a week left before Christmas y'all. If you were hoping to pick up some coveted Trader Joe's items for a Secret Santa exchange or stocking stuffers, I suggest you not delay. Popular items go fast. Alas at my store, stroopwafels (both the regular and the ice cream)were no more. So went the warm vanilla body butter and seasonally scented candles. But if you're looking for something in the cookie/biscuit department, there's still a great selection to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. As for me, I tend not to buy the seasonal cookies, partially because around this time of year is when a lot of people bake more cookies. I'll take a homemade cookie over a packaged one any day. But this here is a cookie I won't bother to make myself. 

Two disclaimers: 1) I prefer regular Oreos over the Trader Joe's brand dupe - Joe Joe's. That Nabisco hydrogenated oil business makes such a great chocolate biscuit, the "better ingredients" TJ's version seems kinda meh in comparison. 2) I haven't had the Oreo slims to give a fair comparison. Unlike those 100-calorie packs of chocolate biscuit-crackers with vanilla dust (that pretended to resemble actual Oreos), these slim cookies are supposed to carry a comparable chocolate sandwich cookie in a more compact form. 

Palm oil. Before the health conscious crowd gasps in horror, lest we forget- it's a packaged cookie! It's ok! But can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? 
I do love a packaging that speaks to me. "I can't believe it's not fat!" "Yep, it's a slim & crispy cookie." Not slim and flimsy. Slim and crispy. I suppose this is why it's good to do strength training and cardio as opposed to just cardio at the gym. :P

Again, whoever made this packaging deserves some credit for appealing to the emotions of the consumer. I imagine this might be a problem for some people- "these cookies are thinner. Therefore if you feel ravenous, eat more with less guilt."

At first glance, these do indeed appear thin with a small but even distribution of vanilla crème. 

Even the picture on the package is to scale. Always appreciated- I hate it when the product is much smaller in person. 
For me, this cousin of a Joe-Joe is like that cousin you see every once in a while who wins over your parents because they are basically a better version of you- they're more articulate and charming, more successful, and probably better looking to be completely honest. (Not speaking from personal experience but y'know..TV shows and Asian dramas and whatnot. :P)  I typically eat my Oreos by twisting off the top and licking the cream before eating the cookie. But with these, I think it's better to eat them as is like a sandwich. The cookie itself is delightfully crispy. Although there is physically less crème in this cookie, it still packs the same amount of flavor as a regular-sized Joe-Joe. Impressive. Except for some reason, this vanilla crème tastes better. It's has a real vanilla flavor versus an overly artificial one and it isn't overdone. It's a nice pairing of vanilla and chocolate, though the vanilla does come through more in comparison.

A agrees that these are better than the normal Joe-Joe's, which means we will probably repurchase from time to time. $1.99 for 10.9 oz ain't bad y'all.

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's Slims Chocolate & Vanilla Crème Cookie. Joe-Joe's better balanced cousin, slim Joe. 8 out of 10. Mantou Joe Repurchase? In moderation!