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Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Greek Whole Milk Yogurt

I can't get enough of matcha, even when it takes the form of a potentially regrettable dairy product (no need to go into detail about my last escapade). But for matcha? I welcome the lactose intolerance with open arms. It's worth it. :P

I've been on the hunt for this yogurt for sometime now and recently picked it up during a weekend trip to Boston/the smallest Trader Joe's in America (vacation and Trader Joe's tourism? They are one in the same for me).  Apparently, matcha green tea yogurt debuted 10 years ago (back when I was in high school and didn't know what a Trader Joe's how things have changed) in regular low-fat yogurt form before greek yogurt was mainstream. Sounds like this is merely the updated version to fit the taste of our time. 

The matcha powder used here contains sugar, turmeric, and a few other things in addition to the matcha powder. Although it has sugar, the overall sugar content here is still lower than that of that horrendous avocitrus yogurt. 

Now my stomach did a little turn when I saw this, mostly because it has a very similar yellow-green color to the avocitrus. Obviously, the taste wouldn't be the same at all, but that near traumatic encounter with that yogurt has etched an alternative fact into my brain. Even now, days after I've consumed the yogurt, I automatically recall the terrible avocitrus before I can get to the pleasant matcha taste. YES IT'S PLEASANT Y'ALL. 

The matcha flavor does come through, but it isn't terribly strong. As a matcha lover, I could go for a stronger flavor, but perhaps it would be too much for the average person. The sweetness level is on par with the that of the beloved honey flavor greek yogurt - not as sweet as the other flavored yogurts but just sweet enough. I didn't think that this particular yogurt had more tang compared to other yogurts. The texture was spot on as well. Not overly thick or thin. Just right. 

Is it a green tea latte in yogurt form? I wouldn't go as far to say that because of the greek yogurt tang, but definitely green tea flavored and certainly worth trying if you love matcha. $0.99 per one serving cup. I suppose you could achieve a similar result from dissolving matcha powder into some plain yogurt or greek yogurt. But where's the fun in that? 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Greek Whole Milk Yogurt. Matcha in whole milk, thick and creamy greek yogurt. A nice introduction to matcha. Or just a continuation of an obsession. 7 out of 10. 



  1. Just had some of this recently. I grabbed 5 yogurts and just 1 of them was this flavor. I wish I had gotten more. I like it a lot and hope this isn't a limited offering.


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