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Trader Joe's Avocado Citrus Greek Whole Milk Yogurt

In case I haven't mentioned it enough, in the past couple of months I've joined the ranks of the lactose intolerant. I'll spare the internet the gory details. Healthcare people talk very naturally about TMI bodily functions in public and over meals without realizing that they're grossing everyone out. :P

But greek yogurt is so good for you! And full fat dairy is coming back into fashion! And the packaging is pretty cute! Why meeeeeeeee. 

I'm not totally sure what the avocado is supposed to add here considering it's pretty neutral in taste. 

Note that this yogurt has a fair amount of sugar, although actually similar in amount to some of the flavored Chobani greek yogurts I like. It also has more [healthy] fat and calories thanks to the avocado and whole milk yogurt. 

Greek yogurt already has a creamy texture to start, so it seems that the avocado adds a marginal amount of extra creaminess (and the pale yellow green color). I find that Trader Joe's greek yogurts generally have a bit of a weird texture where it's whipped and creamy but can be lumpy at times. I expected a little more of a citrus tang since the packaging led me to believe that the citrus flavor would be grapefruit-leaning (the ingredient list includes blood orange juice, which leans tart/tangy). The citrus didn't really taste like a recognize-able fruit. The citrus had a bit of brightness but also had a bitter note, kinda like there was some citrus rind that snuck in. Yet the taste was very sweet, almost like a citrus-flavored icing instead of a greek yogurt. I suppose that could be a good thing if you're into sweets, but it was too strong for my taste. Seeing as I didn't find the flavor particularly pleasant, I could only eat half of it in one sitting. And of course, like clockwork my stomach started churning shortly afterward. 

$0.99 per individual serving like every other greek yogurt. If you like sweet and borderline artificial citrus taste, you might like it. This is probably one of those niche market love it or leave it things. I'm leaving it behind in the dust. There's only so much lactose this homegirl can handle and I gotta chose wisely. :P

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Greek Whole Milk Yogurt - Avocado Citrus. Lacking a true citrus tang. More like something I might find iced on top of a drizzle cake. 4 out of 10. 


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