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Trader Joe's Matcha Joe-Joe's

MATCHA MATCHA MATCHA YOU'RE BACK. I had to try these. It fits my brand. :D

Disclaimer: I've tried Joe Joe's in a few different varieties, but only one has made it to the blog. I have yet to find a Oreo Nabisco alternative that matches the textural and taste superiority of a highly processed chocolate biscuit. I think the original (OG) oreos have the best thin crispness, oily/greasiness, and chocolate flavor to sandwich an arbitrary creme filling (arbitrary because for me, I love the actual cookie more than the filling). Oreo matcha cookies exist somewhere on the internet (and in Japan probably), but I'm not desperate enough [yet] to hunt those down. But maybe I will one day. :) 

This is cute and helpful. I'm a fan of #1 and 3. I probably squawk naturally when raving about TJ's things anyway. :P 

Sugar is #1. Matcha is somewhere down then next to wheat starch and some kind of syrup. Yes, it's a better ingredient than Nabisco, comparatively speaking, but the palm oil is still not great. Who cares. It's a cookie. 

Two sleeves come in a box. Seems kind of small but typical for TJ serving sizes and on par with the amount that comes in the Oreo matcha packs. They are pretty gorgeous. That matcha green pops against the golden vanilla biscuits. 

The moment you open the box, you can smell the matcha aroma. That's a good sign. It doesn't smell too sweet. It smells like what I would expect from a matcha dessert.

For this cookie, I'll make an exception. It's all about the creme. My hats off to Canada for KILLING IT. Seriously. It's what I'd expect to come out of Japan. The creme filling is pretty much perfect (yes, I'd like it more on the bitter side, but I tend to like bitter tasting chocolates and whatnot). The buttery, sweet (but not overly sweet), richness harmonizes so nicely with the mellow earthy green tea flavor. It's the perfect ratio of creme to cookie. This matcha flavor is what I wanted the matcha chocolate bar to be, except this one is much better and in cookie form! Although I ate these plain, I would imagine these cookies would be awfully delicious dunked in milk, perhaps resulting in a milk reminiscent of a matcha latte. Oh my. 

$2.99 for a box of two sleeves. Not bad at all. I do have to knock a full point off for the average vanilla sandwich biscuit though. It's whatever. Like regular supermarket sandwich quality. It's not bad. Although I think I would like a chocolate biscuit better, the vanilla is more suitable as a canvas to show off the matcha. It's the bench to whatever superstar it is propping up. Repurchase? Definitely for friends. If you're a matcha dessert lover, this one goes down with those green tea Kitkats. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Matcha Joe Joe's. La creme la creme! Is it la creme de la creme? Almost. 9 out of 10. 



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