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Trader Joe's Trimmed Radishes

Well isn't this about as exciting as sliced bread, which apparently people like. I highly doubt radishes  tickle our fancies in the same way. "Life is all about balance" or at least an attempt at homeostasis, so obviously sliced radishes help to cancel that bag of chips I recently demolished...

I don't know how long this has been around, but I only recently saw it at my TJ's. I picked it up as part of my recent vegetable spree, because somebody decided to go on a diet. I wonder who...all this amounts to is a lot of salad and veggies. 

Not all produce is worth purchasing from TJ's. If you look at the per pound price, you'll find that you're paying easily 50% more, sometimes two or three times more for broccoli or bok choy that are otherwise so cheap at other places especially when in season. Not to mention, the produce is usually encased in a lot of packaging, which most of the time is recyclable so long as you go through the trouble of recycling it. TJ's tends to use more packaging than Whole Paycheck or other more tree-hugging places but perhaps less and more recyclable packaging compared to mainstream grocery stores. 

Which brings me back to this - these 5 radishes were $0.99. Non-taxable in New Jersey. What can you buy for a dollar at Trader Joe's? Seaweed snacks, yogurt cups, birthday cards, and trimmed radishes! How exciting! On the other hand, it is only 5 radishes, which you could probably buy elsewhere. Whatever, you pay for convenience (that still needs some washing unless you're okay with eating dirty radishes). 

I used my vegetable peeler to cut these into paper-thin slices and put it on avocado toast. SO GOOD and good for you. They're pretty crunchy and have a slight peppery taste, which I find acceptable with hummus. They also make a nice addition to a salad. I suppose I could pickle them too while I hide from the other dangerously tempting pickle foods

Not a bad find at all, particularly if you're trying to sneak in more veg into your life. Repurchase is likely. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Trimmed Radishes. A crunchy vegetable for under $1 (that is probably cheaper elsewhere but whatever). 7 out of 10. 



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