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Trader Joe's Beet Hummus

I am a hummus fiend. 

This is how it went down - I'm walking down the refrigerator case aisle, wondering to myself which hummus to get this week (because, yes I go through hummus like crazy. I really should make it myself but ain't nobody got time for that. Plus I'd probably go through that stuff faster) when I see something PINK! Okay, it's more red pink than pink. Actually, this color reminds me of my raspberry colored winter coat (that hopefully I will be trading in soon for my bright pink coat for spring!). And it's a new product, so case closed. 

As suspected, the beet juice concentrate is responsible for the vibrant color. I love vegetables and all, but I'm pretty indifferent about beets. They taste fine. I can have them or leave them - doesn't really matter to me, so I wasn't expecting to have my socks knocked off.

Talk about shock value - look at that color!  I mean, can you imagine the damage if you trip and dump it onto your white shirt? This hummus is an accident waiting to happen. Small children and clumsy people beware! It's nice that the hummus has a few beet chunks for good measure so you know what it is, not some radioactive thing cooked up in a lab somewhere. 

Taste wise, it was pretty good! In addition to lemon, this hummus contains balsamic vinegar, which makes it more tangy/sour/acidic compared to some other TJ's hummus. The beets add a nice sweet overtone, which I found pleasant and refreshing. Considering that beets don't really have too strong a flavor (as opposed to olives, horseradish, or garlic aka the other hummus flavors), I'd say it trends towards a neutral flavor. I dipped it with carrots and cucumbers and also spread it on toast. And yes, WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE AND SPREAD THE BEET JUICE EVERYWHERE. 

Of course, I did happen to get a smudge on my sleeve, which was awful because you have to drop everything and treat the stain right away. Like CPR. The internet told me to rubber band the article of clothing over a bucket, pour boiling water from 2-3 feet height over the stain, then launder.  It worked, but oh my, another hazard for small children and clumsy adults! 

If you can get past the stain-potential and color, I'd recommend this for something different from your typical hummus. Adventurous but not too adventurous. And if you don't want to spend $2.49 for 7 oz tub, here's a DIY version

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Beet Hummus. Slight tang and sweetness. Delicious but watch yo'self before you wreck yo'self! With beet juice! 7 out of 10. 


  1. can u tell me the shelf life of this product, my country doesn't have this product

    1. There's an expiration date on every package. Usually the hummus should be used within 1 week of opening.

    2. can u tell me more about this product, about processing, its tastes, ...tks so much


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