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Trader Joe's Whole Grain Crispbread

I have a confession. Sometimes, I actually like eating bird food. Not actual bird food that you feed to birds but health food that is so darn healthy and perhaps even tasteless that it might as well be bird food. Such was the case here. I mean just look at it. Bird food baked into a cracker. Polly want a cracker? 

But I bought it anyway. It might have been after a nightshift and I happened to be feeling crunchy. Like granola. Post-nightshift impulsive buying is real y'all.

Crispbread is basically a flat cracker popular in a bunch of Nordic countries. This one is made in Norway. And super healthy. Just look at the ingredients. Flaxseed. Spelt. Wheat bran. That's some real scintillating stuff. For the 80 year-old grandma that I am inside.

I thought it would hold up as a toast replacement for avocado toast. And it did. Sort of. It was crunchy - like healthy crunchy and actually crunchy. Probably not a good idea to mash the avocado while on the crispbread since it is crisp, yes, but not indestructible. It tasted exactly like I thought it would. Very seedy. Kind of burnt, like when something has way too much whole meal/wheat flour. The crispbread was virtually inedible by itself, but when slathered with something else to disguise the taste? Not so bad. Hummus. Cheese. Avocado. Cookie butter. Nutella. Cookie butter and nutella. Take your pick. 

Repurchase verdict? If I'm desperate or on a diet or something. Lemme tell you...these bird food crackers are really good for self-control. Can't possibly over indulge on these babies. I maxed out at two per day. And considering that the flaxseed stimulates gastrointestinal motility, I really can't afford to be having more than two per day. On the other hand, if I ever found myself like really really in need some good relief, I can't think of a better combo than this peanut butter slathered onto this crispbread. Just sayin. :P

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Whole Grain Crispbread. Nordic bird food cracker. For health nuts and anyone who is old enough or troubled enough to be drinking prune juice. 5 out of 10. 



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