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Trader Joe's Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax & Chia Seeds

This post is lonnnnng overdue. I picked this up when there was a flashy "new product" sign dangling in my face. That was months ago. And yes, I only got it because of the words "flax & chia seeds." PSA: If y'all haven't heard, flaxseeds & chia seeds fall into the super-trendy-health-food category.  There's some purported health benefits, some more scientifically backed than others. But hey bottom line --flaxseeds help with constipation.  Fun fact - apparently Martin Luther struggled with constipation toward the end of his life. That can definitely make a man miserable (or possibly in his case, anti-Semitic?)  Just sayin. So maybe some of y'all may be interested in jumping on this bandwagon if you know what I mean. Ain't nobody got time for that. :P

Fun story - the first jar of peanut butter I purchased was not sealed properly. All Trader Joe's nut butters require some stirring because they don't have hydrogenated oils to keep them shelf-stable. Oil spilled out when I opened it, which was kind of gross. I decided to take it back. Except the day I showed up with my receipt, I left the peanut butter at home. But hey, the cashier listened to my sob story and was like, "No I believe you. Just grab another jar and throw out the one you have at home." They are so trusting. That's grace y'all.  

(And then J from work asked me not to throw it out but give it to her. Which I did. And the next day she asked if I could get her two more jars.)

Roasted peanuts. Chia seeds. Flaxseeds. Sea Salt. Stir well and refrigerate after opening (keeps the oil from separating). Kind of hard to see the flax (brown seeds), but the chia (black seeds) is quite visible. Tastes pretty much like any other Trader Joe's peanut butter I've ever had. My mother complained that it had "no flavor," which is only the case because we've never had "all-natural peanut butter" in my house. That "flavor" in commercial peanut butters isn't real! It's just [processed] sugars and other additives, and we've gotten too used to it people. TJ's peanut butter is what I would theoretically end up with if I ground up a bunch of peanuts with nothing else. 

I really can't make out the flaxseed at all taste wise. Or the chia seed for that matter. However, the chia adds a pleasantly subtle but distinctive "seedy" crunch, that is different from the normal crunch from the peanuts themselves. If seeds freak you out, you might not enjoy it but at $2.99 per 16 oz jar, y'all can try it for yourselves.While I don't think it's anything too out of this world, the seeds make this moderately more interesting than your standard peanut butter. Once refrigerated, it can be harder to spread (compared to the commercial PBs with palm oils and whatnot), but I don't really mind. Plus, this product does have an ever-so-slightly lower caloric value per serving than normal peanut butter. How? Beats me. But I like it! Repurchase! 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax & Chia Seeds. Does your peanut butter keep you regular? 7 out of 10. :) 


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