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Trader Joe's Sriracha Hummus

Well well well, doesn't this look familiar?

A relatively new, SPICY hummus! For the record, TJ's does have another spicy hummus dip (which is pretty tasty but forgettable. Also, the container has a bump in the middle, which means they used less product but it makes me think there's less product), but when you bring in that dragon and that swirly exotic font? Didn't even need to think about it before tossing it into my basket. 

And it still costs $1.99 like most of the TJ's hummus dips. Yes. 

It's a bit more orange in person, but not as orange as it is in the last picture. 

They did use actual "sriracha sauce" in here, but there's no way to tell whether or not they used the gold standard. I'm suspecting it wasn't the gold standard. I actually quite like this hummus. It still has the creamy texture and a nice tahini flavor that shines through despite the kick. Unlike other srirarcha hummus dips I've tried, this one has the sriracha-ish flavor evenly distributed through the whole product. And yes, this is ACTUALLY spicy. Not nearly as spicy as the sriracha ranch but spicy enough where I thought they had used cayenne instead of actual sriracha. I actually had to slow down at one point because it was getting too spicy.  I'm seriously wondering if I would get the same results if I took my own sriracha and mixed it into a tub of hummus. Not much acidic/sour notes. I do wish there was some lemon or something else to give this hummus a certain brightness but that hasn't stopped me from using this as my go-to. 

I spread this on just about anything I could get my hands on. Toast. Crackers. Carrots. All things that A doesn't really care to eat. More for me. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Sriracha Hummus. New favorite TJs hummus, hello! Spicy the way I like it! 8 out of 10. 


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