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Trader Joe's Persimmon Salad

Another kale salad. Yet another kale salad. When does it end. Y'all know very well, I love me some kale, but somehow A and I ended up with TWO 2-pound bags of kale before Thanksgiving. I originally intended to use them for Thanksgiving, but we only used barely a pound. There was some serious miscommunication that went down, but that doesn't matter anymore - the point is we took on the challenge of eating two pounds of kale in a week. I might have to go on a kale fast. 

Anyway, I ended going on a TJ's dash to grab something before work, because the only thing left in our fridge is KALE. And I ended up with a KALE SALAD. There is no escape! :O 

But I haven't tried this one before AND it has persimmons, which seems to be the trending fruit of late. I've never seen persimmons hanging out in American grocery stores. I always thought it was an Asian thing. Let's be real though, I picked this up because of the goat cheese. Cheese is always welcome in my salad. 

Typical nutritional profile for a TJ's prepared salad. The nuts, pomegranate seeds, and dressing comes conveniently separated in their own containers for do-it-yourself assembly. Snap on the lid and shake for even distribution.

Thanks to the kale, this is a very healthy tasting salad not for the faint of heart. Can't trick yourself here that you're actually eating a burrito or a buffalo chicken instead of a salad. I enjoyed the textural variety, especially between the crunch (almond slivers, pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate seeds) and the creaminess (goat cheese). The butter lettuce to kale ratio here is pretty unbalanced. The butter lettuce is barely noticeable with the abundance of fibrous kale. I wish they could have omitted the kale stems. Who eats raw kale stems?? I usually leave them out from kale salads because they're bitter, tougher to chew, and generally act as speed bumps (they slow down the traffic, are a general inconvenience, but don't save children from getting hit by cars. Still talking about the kale here :P). Taste-wise, the salad is TART. If you can't handle tartness, go light on the dressing because adding a tart dressing (pomegranate sherry vinegar) to a tart salad will certainly sour your face off. I happen to love tartness, but the tart flavor might be too much for most people. 

Overall, I thought the salad was pretty decent. Too bad that I was hungry 2.5 hours later. This is one of those pray-that-it-may-fill-your-stomach-salads. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Persimmon Salad. Tart kale. If you squint hard enough, maybe it can pass for a Christmas tree. 6 out of 10. 


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