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Trader Joe's Fresh Goat Cheese Medallions

Another gem! Thanks to J, my fellow TJ's enthusiast!

What is life without cheese. Livable but certainly missing something! I am no cheese connoisseur - there are other blogs out there that provide more refined, nuanced critiques of fine cheese - but if you shop at TJ's, y'all must know that TJ's has one of the best grocery store cheese cases around. Bougie cheese for not-so-bougie prices. And this product is no exception! 

These goat cheese medallions are particularly useful for a household where there is only one cheese lover, which is my case. A is borderline lactose intolerant. He appreciates cheese about as much as I appreciate a filet mignon, meaning nonchalance and a generalized indifference. While I COULD buy a normal sized goat cheese and stuff my face with it everyday, it would be a terrible waste of cheese. Unless I was able to consume copious amounts of goat cheese by myself without it spoiling. 

But these medallions are individually packaged and perfectly portioned! Can you say road trip? Plane trip? Who brings goat cheese on a road trip? I would! Each package comes with 6 medallions for about $3.69, which comes to about $0.60 per serving. Add some rice crackers or other dipping vessel of choice and it is significantly cheaper and better than any airport/airline snack. 

As for the actual cheese, it's very soft and creamy. Salty but not overly salty. This needs to be dipped or spread because it can't really hold it's own otherwise. You can squeeze it out of the package of dip right into it. Can you say breakfast sandwich with protein of choice, some mixed greens, goat cheese, and a touch of balsamic? *drool*

It's really the concept and packaging of this cheese that gets me. Single-serve medallions. I could punch a hole and string it around my neck. I could wear it as a necklace and have my goat cheese readily accessible to eat at a moment's notice. That's kind of gross though - the cheese would probably melting as I wear it around. One can dream of a day where we can wear cheese around our necks and have it not melt. Then we could wear ice cream too...

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Fresh Goat Cheese Medallions. For the goat cheese-obsessed yet self-controlled people. 9 out of 10. 


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