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Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps

I'm experiencing some déjà vu y'all. I mean didn't I review this product just last week or something? 

Ok not exactly the same. Except for the words pumpkin, cranberry, and crisps. 

An impulsive buy certainly. What else would possess me to buy a box of crackers I know full well that I probably won't love? And it's $3.99! Kind of crazy. I have tried the olive fig variety of this sweet-savory cracker line. Though I never got around to reviewing it, it really wasn't quite my cup of tea. Y'all know I like to separate my sweets from my savories. So naturally, what do I find myself reaching for while stranded in my car in the middle of a thunderstorm? This. I could do worse. 

Interesting to note, the picture on the box is just about the actual size of the cracker. While I thought to myself, these would taste exactly the same as the pita crisps (and was willing to bet A $5 on that! Good thing we don't actually gamble because then I'd be 5 dollars poorer), I was totally wrong. These are more like bruschetta toasts than crisps (which is why I wondered - how can these crackers and the other pumpkin seed crisps BOTH be crisps??). The exterior is crunchy and hard while the interior is chewy thanks to the cranberry. This one is not doused in sugar and definitely tastes more pumpkin-y. A says gingerbread-y as usual, which he has said about pretty much everything with cinnamon and nutmeg (this is out of his realm of interest and expertise). The cranberry tastes even better here than in the other pita crisp; the tartness against the rosemary and pumpkin makes for a nice blend of October and Christmas (so...November? Thanksgiving in a hipster Brooklyn apartment?). The thyme and rosemary also add a bougier feel, one that makes you say, "oh! Well isn't this interesting?" I could see this going well with a nice bougie, soft cheese, some white wine and Say Yes to the Dress. So girly. Or whatever show that goes well with wine and cheese.

And yes, it leans healthy, which isn't a terrible thing. That whole wheat flour, oats, and flax seeds jazz is a bit much for me right now. I just happen to be in the mood where I desire for my "healthy" snacks to taste healthy enough to justify my snacking habits but junky enough to fulfill my soul snacking needs. Soul snacking...that sounds cult-ish. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Cranberry Crisps. Pumpkin with class. Healthy Class. In mildly more acceptable form. That you can eat with cheese. 5.5 out of 10. 


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