Trader Joe's Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks

In my house, one of our favorite activities is to potato. Not just eat potatoes but potato as in collapse into the couch. Yes, we love a couch that envelops you and hugs you back. Actually, I'm probably describing more A than me. But seeing as we're both homebodies for life, potato-ing is a shared past time. Therefore, y'all can understand the appeal of this snack for us, no? :P 

Can't deny the packaging and wit here. The cartoon spud crunchies are reminiscent of one of my favorite snacks from last yearHow can I resist those little couch potatoes? :) 

It's not too novel of a concept, fry-shaped potato snacks. But I have to say, because the packaging reminds me of the crispy crunchy mochi rice nuggets, I automatically set high expectations for these spud crunchies. 

Surprise surprise - they look like actual fries. Like the freeze-dried version of a frozen fry or McDonalds fry. I enjoyed the texture - it retained the starchiness that we love about fries but with a nice crunch and less grease than a regular fry. And yes, we tried dipping them in ketchup and it was pretty tasty. But as a standalone snack, I think these lack flavor. It's not a bad flavor - it's just very plain tasting. A bit more salt or spice would have brought these up a notch. A thought they were fine as is, but then again he also ate these upon returning famished from work, and we know hunger distorts our taste acumen. 

Not a bad buy at $1.99 for a bag. We finished these off fairly quickly. If you like the classic fry taste and don't mind lack of extra spice/salt, you'll like these. And if seasoning or lack thereof is an issue, you can always dip it in your favorite sauce. But at that might as well consider having real fries instead. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks. Starchy, crunchy, but kinda plain spud buds. 5.5 out of 10.