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Trader Joe's Organic Turkish Dried Figs

Figs don't particularly excite me, partially because I haven't had enough exposure to proper figs. When I think fig, I think fig newton. Basically, it's the equivalent of thinking sushi and thinking about the seaweed or the rice and completely missing the point. Whatever, I liked the packaging. It appealed to my inner old lady that collects doilies, drinks tea, and owns a dozen cats. Not that I would ever own a cat. Ever. 

Also, figs probably have nothing to do with "tasty delights" mentioned in The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. But for some reason, that is a childhood association that I can't shake. All reasons unrelated to actual figs.

Apparently, dried figs are nothing like the real thing. I can believe that. Also couldn't help but notice that figs were everywhere in Boston. Fig season runs June to September, so we're right in the thick of things. And yet I've never been compelled to try an actual fig. Someone tell me I'm wrong. I also have no idea what is distinctive about Turkish figs compared to Californian ones and other varieties.  

Forgive me, but to all the healthcare people out there - what anatomical feature do these figs resemble to you? Something with a sphincter for sure! I can't unsee it!!

Okay, if these are a shadow of the real thing, I'd be willing to try the actual fruit. It has a unique sweetness that I find difficult to describe (although it was vaguely familiar thanks to my exposure to fig newtons :P). There's some nice textural contrast between the crunchy seeds in the middle and the overall chewiness of the dried fig. Not a standalone snack or food in my opinion (our friends agreed), but I can see the potential appeal of pairing an actual fig with bacon for that sweet and savory flavor. 

I could be under appreciating something potentially delicious, but it's alright. Not gross. Not amazing. Somewhere in between, depending on how much you like figs. $2.99 for a 10oz bag of organic ones. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Organic Turkish Dried Figs. Knowledge deficit on my part but certainly better than prunes. 6 out of 10. 



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