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Trader Joe's [Next to Godliness] Fruit & Vegetable Wash

The nice thing about living further away from a Trader Joe's now (there are positive things, yes!) is that I have more opportunity to make the trip with other people. If I'm going to trek 45 minutes to see if Trader Joe's restocked the matcha ice cream (even if they found trace bits of metal in it, BRING IT BACK PLEASE. I NEED TO TRYYYY), might as well have some company. Anyhoo, my neighbor mentioned this fruit & veggie wash and how she started using it after she had her daughter...because if we didn't already know, as A and Ron Swanson would say, the food our food eats is covered in pesticides and chemicals. 

Who hasn't eaten grapes out of the bag without washing? I see people popping them in their mouths at the grocery store all the time. My mother would be horrified. For a while, I thought this fruit & veggie wash was kind of a gimmicky produce shampoo that fancy people use (wrong assumption). Anyway, I got curious enough to try it out. 

Nice natural ingredients, non toxic, and can be used with individual pieces of produce or in a tub. 

I've tested this out on just about everything in my kitchen. Here I've pictured cherries - one of my favorite things about summer. Probably covered in pesticides but I can't bring myself to spend $8 on cherries each time. Soap, scrub if necessary, and rinse. 

The more I use it, the more I love this wash. There's still this novelty about it that hasn't worn off yet. I gets stuff REALLY clean, and it hasn't gotten old yet. Every time I wash something I haven't washed before with this, I run over to A to show it off. 

Me: "These grapes/cherries/cucumbers/tomatoes taste SO GOOD!!" 
A: "You mean they taste so clean." 

I've gotten inspired to wash things I couldn't be bothered to wash or buy before. Prime example? Bok choy, one of A's favorite leafy green veggies but I HATE washing them because they come from the Asian grocery store packed in sand. That took a couple of washes, but the bok choy came out so clean it was unbelievable. This is starting to sound like a late night infomercial for OxyClean or something. 

You know how when little kids go to the bathroom and they run out immediately announcing that their finished, and usually their mother/teacher/whomever says, "did you wash your hands?" If the kid didn't and has some sense of shame they run back and do a quick rinse under the faucet SANS SOAP before running out with wet hands. I know you've seen public places especially. And I've seen GROWN MEN AND WOMEN do this too. My inner nurse is gagging. Can I just say hand washing without soap and scrubbing is not washing???

Apparently that is pretty close to how I've washed my fruit and veg for most of my life. I've been converted. I can't go back to my old life. I guess there's actually a difference between rinsing and washing. And actually, TJ's sells this 16fl oz bottle at a very reasonable price of $3.99. Does Costco have something comparable? I don't know, but I'll be on the lookout. But certainly, I've seen smaller bottles at my local supermarket at around $7, and a similar product on Amazon is more than twice the price. Could I Pinterest a DIY recipe? Sure. But why. 

With the value and the performance, I can't find anything particularly negative to say about this. But it feels wrong to give a non-food item a perfect score. Highly recommend...if you care about cleanliness or not ingesting chemicals and whatnot. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Next to Godliness Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Try this shampoo and you don't need to be un-clean anymore. Lol. 9 out of 10. 



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