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Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Sometimes, I feel like my relationship with coffee is similar to my experience of my new job in labor & delivery. You get into it because it seems like it's a cool thing to drink/do. Do I get the intricacies of fruity notes and smooth finishes and precise brewing methods? Ehhh...I learn a few things along the way but real talk - a lot of it is faking it till you make it, which as a coffee drinker who cares and as a L&D nurse it's living life on the edge (so comforting to the public lol). But I like it. It tastes good/I like moms and babies. I get this visceral feeling that it's right. So I go with it. 

I have never bothered to try any of the TJ cold brew concentrates...mostly because I'm highly highly skeptical that a $7 bottle of shelf stable cold brew can out perform something I can easily make at home. But this? This refrigerated version piqued my curiosity, especially with the claims of being nitrogen-infused. I first tried nitro cold brew a few years ago at a hipster coffee joint in Philly. Apparently, the nitrogen bubbles add a smooth creamy finish without sacrificing the original taste of the coffee, which is great for those of us that enjoy black coffee [and are alleged psychopaths]. 

Looks like the good stuff. Note that you really do have to pour this vertically into a cup. I'm not sure if you would get the same nitro effect by drinking straight from the bottle, but I haven't tried. I poured it over the sink as to not stain my clothing. 

I must say, that layer of nitro foam on top is pretty impressive for a bottled brew. Obviously, it's not as much as what you would get from nitrogen cold brew on tap, but still it's legit. 

I was truly surprised by the quality of the coffee. It tastes comparable to coffees that I've had at hipster coffee places. And actually, it tastes better than some coffee shop cold brews that I've had. Even without the nitro, I would buy this coffee for the taste. It's not too acidic, fruity, or bitter for my taste. The nitro does add a smooth finish and a nice mouth feel that makes it go down the hatch easily.  Note that the amount is less than a "tall size" at Starbucks at 10.5 oz, and the mug I used makes it look like there's more than that. But for me, it's just the right amount. Can't deny the value either - $1.99 for a bottle of something that normally runs upward of $4 for a 16oz cup. I'm down with that. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew Coffee. Hipster quality nitro cold brew at TJ's good value price. Must try for coffee snobs. 9 out of 10. 



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