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Trader Joe's Coffee Cocoa Batons

Does anyone else find it rather jarring to see back-to-school sales at the end of June? oh wait. Wrong month. It's July. Almost August. Where does the time go. For today's post, I dig up something I should have posted at least a month ago. Trying to start what I finish...proverbially speaking. I finished these delicious coffee cocoa batons a while ago. :) 

This is the coffee and chocolate cream filled version of the ever popular TJ's staple, the Cocoa Batons. They look like fancy wafer cookies that my mom's piano students would give her for holidays, and then they would sit around because no one would eat them (my palate was not sophisticated enough at that age :P) until there was an occasion to regift them. Don't play. I know y'all do that too. 

Made in Indonesia. Not terrible as far as ingredients go for packaged cookies. 

Fresh out of the package, I could tell that this was going to have a nice light but crispy texture. With rolled wafer cookies, if it's too thick, it ends up being more like a fortune cookie, which Americans love but I find it rather unappealing in this long rolled cigarette. Is there probably better imagery out there than a cigarette? Probably. Sorry kids. I hope you know smoking anything is pretty bad for you. For me, the delicate wafer serves as the vehicle for the cream. And while it's nothing compared to a freshly made version right out of a French patisserie, actually it's is pretty good. The coffee flavor is quite strong but still balanced by the chocolate and retains a perfectly bittersweetness that is enjoyable about coffee-flavored desserts. The filling isn't particularly creamy - it's somewhere between a pastry cream and an icing that has thickened and been drying for a few hours. Again, not an issue for me in this cookie, but would be an issue if it were used in say a pastry. 

Overall, I found it worth the price of $1.99 for one canister. Not too expensive but a decent quality product with a good coffee flavor. Pick up the regular cocoa one for the kids and this coffee cocoa one for yourself. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Coffee Cocoa Batons. Rolled wafer cookies with a nice coffee-chocolate-but-mostly-coffee cream center. 8 out of 10. 


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