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Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi Burgers

A few weeks ago when my fridge was bare, I hangered* for a protein that wasn't chicken or steak. Which landed me somehow on frozen mahi mahi "burgers." Not sure how that happened. 

*Hanger: "A lethal combination of hunger and anger, the result of waiting so long to eat that your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels impairing both your mood and judgment." Here I have used it as a verb. 

A and I usually eat fish broiled, steamed the Cantonese way, or raw in copious quantities (thanks Sushi Palace). A fish burger not only sounds fishy but also seems to be a poor use of a perfectly good fish, assuming that the fish is perfectly good. But I have had some tasty Mahi Mahi and salmon burgers on the west coast, so that's what I attempted to recreate one afternoon. 

Ingredient list is pretty straight forward, and the burgers come parfried, which cuts down on the cooking time. 

Four patties for $6.99. Probably not something I would rely on as a go-to quick meal but not terribly expensive considering that those MahiMahi burgers might run you $15 or so at a restaurant. 

I panfried it on the stove until the outer edges were golden and slightly crispy. Put that on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, a little bit of lemon juice and homemade somewhere-between-a-tzatziki-and-a-tartar-sauce, and this made for a pretty satisfying lunch. It wasn't overly fishy but pretty neutral and safe as far as fish comes. It was tasted decently fresh and "meaty." Pretty good but not something memorable. Also, calling this a "burger" is a little generous. While it tastes meaty, it certainly doesn't look the part. They're rather thin. 

I don't recommend baking these burgers per package instructions. They turned out pale and pathetic looking and were a lot drier compared to the panfried ones. Grilling would probably work well too. 

Overall, nothing crazy amazing to try here but decent. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi Burger. Proper preparation is key for a decent mahimahi patty. 5.5 out of 10. 


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