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Trader Joe's Dark Coffee Squares

I'm starting to feel the pain of those who don't live near a Trader Joe's. Now to be fair, things could be worse. I could be living in Canada (no TJ's in Canada!!! Not that living in Canada is bad. But there's no TJ's there!!!). I suppose you could pay double or triple the price for something off of Amazon or eBay (beware of those darn scalpers). But even if you manage to get your hands on some TJ's goods, it's just not the same as navigating those aisles and stumbling upon hidden gems yourself. The journey is half the fun! 

As if we haven't been getting enough of caffeinated chocolate around here! Here's another one for ya!

P.S. That product title is kind of misleading. It reads as "Joe's Dark Coffee Squares" and not "Joe's Dark Chocolate Coffee Squares." In other words, it's a milk chocolate base. I suppose I can tolerate that as long as there's enough coffee to compensate. Perhaps they used the Joe's Dark coffee blend for the coffee flavor. 

It's nice that these coffee squares come individually packaged. An incentive for self-control. If you're really disciplined, think of it packaged like a vitamin. One a day keeps the crazy away. 

As someone who prefers savory over sweet, I definitely appreciate these coffee squares. The size is perfect and just sweet enough to satisfy a mid-morning or post-meal sweet tooth. The chocolate is actually infused with a decent amount of coffee flavor. The coffee gives a little kick and interest that I normally find lacking from regular milk chocolate. It's not overly sweet, and the chocolate itself doesn't taste "cheap." You can tell by the ingredient list. Cheap chocolates often contain cheaper oils to stretch the cocoa content. They also have a ton of sugar to compensate for the taste of the cheapened cocoa. None of that here. 

There's almost a caramel-leaning taste here, but I think that's more of a figment of my imagination. I had this with that caramel coffee granola. Throw that with this chocolate into a thing of yogurt, and I've got a morning made. 

$2.99 for a two week supply y'all. For those of you who can stomach a chocolate a day that is. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Dark Coffee Squares. Milk chocolate with just enough caffeine/coffee kick. 7.5 out of 10.



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  2. Really enjoy your blog! There's no chocolate in these though. It just has cocoa butter as the base, so it's not "milk chocolate". The flavor is just from ground coffee. I found these too sweet compared to another brand of coffee squares, and ended up returning these.

    1. Hmm you're right. Which brand of coffee squares are you talking about?

    2. They're called il Morso. I found them at a craft food fair in San Francisco so they're not widely available (can get them online). Also pretty expensive at about $1.50 a square. (Yikes!) Which is why I was so excited to see the TJ ones. And then so disappointed after tasting them...


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