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Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea

Admittedly, I initially wrote off this product as too "granola crunchy" for me. Keep in mind - I lean sympathetically towards the crunchy-anti-Ron-Swanson side. However, I draw the line at trendy turmeric lattes (it also doesn't help that *TMI* I'm becoming lactose intolerant. Ish. Especially with cheese. WHY CHEESE. WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT CHEESE). Anyhoo, a mere mention from a friend that this was actually pleasantly interesting dispelled most of the doubts. 

Plus it's organic. Woohoo.

I also wasn't too sure of the ginger. You know how you eat certain foods ONLY when you get sick? Because those foods might be comforting or the only tolerable foods during that sickness, but you can't eat them any other time because you associate those foods with sickness. That's how I feel about ginger tea. Usually because I brew my ginger tea super strong to get rid of my colds. (I told my coworker one day to do that and she went home and boiled a whole thing of garlic and proclaimed that my remedy was miraculous. -_-) I'm also not a licorice fan. At all. I tried a licorice tea once and it was nauseating. 

Obsessed is not the right word here. I didn't expect to like this tea, much less rely on it regularly. Note that this tea consists of a ginger base, so you won't like it if you don't like ginger. However, it is not overwhelmingly gingery or spicy, so it doesn't make me think of the ginger water/tea that I have when I'm sick. I've never tried to consume turmeric alone, although some people do for health reasons. The turmeric lends a note of earthy spice/bitterness that tingles a bit on your tongue, but I find it subtle. There's no sugar in this, but the licorice leaves a sweet taste at the end of each sip in the back of your mouth that is just right. 

(And yes, the tea brews to a golden yellow color that would otherwise look pleasant if I wasn't a nurse. :P) 

Please note that this is herbal, and at least for me, it did take some time to adapt to the flavor. I like that the ginger, turmeric, and licorice are quite balanced. Can't really taste the orange peel/oil or pepper, but I suppose that adds to the slight brightness and baseline spiciness. The result? It's non-caffeinated, so I don't get revved up but it does help a little bit with my energy levels. More importantly, I think it's been helping to settle my stomach (along with not eating cheese. WHY). Or it could be placebo. I dunno. It's kinda sorta calming. I literally had a cup every day for the first week I had this tea. $2.49 per box. Would repurchase and recommend for those trying to curb your sweet tooth. Now if only there was a tea that would help the salty crunchies. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Organic Turmeric Herbal Tea.  Probably good for you. Balanced but interesting. Not too crazy herbal-y and leaves you with a sweet taste. 7.5 out of 10. 


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