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Trader Giotto's Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

Lest we be tempted to live under a rock - I must declare this. Cheese is the best, most miraculous food in the world. Eating nothing but cheese everyday promotes glowing skin, weight loss, cancer prevention, a clean house, and growth of my money tree. How thrilling it is to live in a world of "alternative facts." 

I jest. As much as life under a rock doesn't look so bad, we must continue to live in the light. As salt and light. With cheese preferably. 

For the record, Trader Joe's does not pay me to say anything about them. Opinions. Alternative Facts. Anything. I doubt they sponsor any TJ's any blogger, but it would sure be nice. Anyhoo. Italian. Cheese. Bites. Really didn't take much to sell me on these. Any time TJ's goes through the trouble of importing a savory snack from somewhere outside of the continental U.S, I want to be there to taste it.

Semi aged cheese, grana padano. Sounds savory and pungent. 

They look like a huge stack of parmesan crisps fused together. Definitely has a substantial crunch and serious cheese flavor. I definitely taste the grana padano, which TJ's sells by the block and I use occasionally in place of parmigiano reggiano since it's usually cheaper. There's even a slight greasiness, which makes it a bit more indulgent. However, because the flavor is so potent, this isn't a snack that I can inhale comfortably, meaning I do reach a stopping point where it becomes a little too much for me to handle. It would probably do well in a kale caesar salad or in any other setting where it could serve as an accent. Unless you like eating semi aged cheese alone by the chunk. If that's you, by all means. 

$2.49 for a 2.11 oz bag. Not bad for an imported product that I might find at my corner Italian deli.

TL;DR: Trader Giotto's Oven-Baked Cheese Bites. These bites pack a mighty cheese punch. 7 out of 10. 


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