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Trader Ming's BBQ Chicken Teriyaki

No, this is not a holiday exclusive. It's another episode of I-am-too-lazy-to-cook, courtesy of a quick lunch from a few weeks ago. Fish apparently does not count as meat, according to A. Chicken qualifies albeit as a lower tier meat. Mission? Feed husband dinner with minimal effort.  

Chicken teriyaki is one of those foods that can either be Japanese, ambiguously Asian, or just plain "American enough" where I'm not imposing overstrict Chinese standards.

Skinless chicken leg meat - I'm assuming they used the dark and white meat.

I prepared it per package directions by nuking the already-cooked chicken and heating up the sauce. On the left you see the frozen chicken and the right is the cooked chicken. I don't have a large enough microwave-safe bowl to nuke it all at once. :P 

Most of the time when I cook "Trader Ming" or other TJ's asian food, I only use half of the sauce because most of the time it's too salty or too sweet for my taste, but this time to preserve the integrity of the review, I used the whole thing and put it over rice with some sautéed cruciferous crunch mix. It made a decent meal and took less than 10 minutes to put on the table. The chicken did turn out better the expected. It tasted pretty flavorful, which leads me to think that they used thighs here. The sauce wasn't too bad either - just the right balance of savory and sweet without being too sweet. I put it on par with Sarku Japan, except that I like this chicken better. Is Sarku Japan a crave-able food? No, but if A were to be left stranded in a mall somewhere, the chicken teriyaki from Sarku Japan is his #1 pick every time. So have this the next time you go on an online-shopping spree and you've basically got your own trip to the mall, minus the trip to the mall. :D

I'm disinclined to repurchase, mostly because if I were starving I'd choose any number of other foods before I get to this, but all in all it was pretty decent and A thinks it repurchase worthy.  An ambivalent 6 it is. 

TL;DR: Trader Ming's BBQ Chicken Teriyaki. Solid mall foodcourt chicken teriyaki dupe.  6 out of 10. 


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