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Trader Joe's Turkey Pot Pie

Hello, it's me. I was wondering after all these years you'd like to meat...

I know Thanksgiving was only a month ago, but it seems much longer than that. The turkeys we so gleefully consumed are now woefully neglected. The clock struck midnight and the glorious Thanksgiving turkeys have returned to the deli counter. Anybody prepping to eat another turkey for Christmas? New Years? No takers? 

This here is a seasonal item hanging out in the refrigerator case next to the prepared foods, y'know in case you have a turkey craving but can't be bothered to roast another bird. In our case, it wasn't so much a turkey craving as it was I-can't-be-bothered-to-cook-today-for-my-meat-eating-husband. And yes, in case you were wondering this turkey pot pie was consumed before the use-by date.  

That's a ton of sodium. Eek.

I prepped it per package directions, about 15-20 min in a 375 degree oven. Excuse the blue lighting - sometimes my kitchen becomes something out of the twilight zone in the middle of the day. 

As for size, a full pot pie is a wee bit bigger than a standard iPad mini.

It was pretty much impossible to scoop up this turkey pot pie and make it presentable like the packaging, because the pot pie was too soup-like. I had hoped this would be a decent placeholder for  Thanksgiving food cravings. The components weren't bad individually, but overall it tasted like all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, dumped into a soup pot, and stirred together - a decent idea in theory but lackluster in execution. The actual turkey had a lot of flavor. Crust wasn't bad. The stuffing was not distributed evenly throughout the pot pie, so I ended up with one corner of the pot pie with a ton of stuffing while the rest of the pie had none. Also, A and I really did not like the cranberries. They looked strange, kind of like kidney beans, and the tartness was too much of a contrast to the rest of the pot pie. I get it, those few measly little craisins or whatever were supposed to be the cranberry sauce. I'm not knocking cranberry sauce, but it sure does not belong in a soup. Pot pie. Whatever. 

$6.99 for a teeny little pot pie? Skip this. Can I recommend Boston Market instead? You can probably get a decent chicken dinner with one or two sides for the same price.  

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Turkey Pot Pie. Put all your Thanksgiving leftovers in the same soup pot and call it a pot pie. I guess. 4.5 out of 10. 


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