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Trader Joe's Buenalba with Paprika Cheese

I recently went on an adventure to Lancaster, PA with my friend KK. Because why not. It really appeals to my inner grandma, and for the record - old people have a lot of fun too. After all, what is age but a number? 

Anyhoo, one of the perks of Amish country - CHEESE. SO MUCH CHEESE. We sampled cheese to our heart's content. My favorite? The merlot-infused cheddar. If TJ's is listening, please make that happen. If any of y'all find a merlot-infused cheddar at a TJ's, LET ME KNOW. 

I sampled this Spanish Buenalba in-store the other day, freshly back from my Amish country adventure. Perhaps it was my unsatisfied longing for that merlot-infused cheddar that made me pick this up. This is neither cheddar nor merlot-infused. It was, however, good enough to stop me in my tracks. This variety hails from La Mancha (yes, that La Mancha a la Don Quixote). You had me at goat cheese, but for those opposed to goat cheese, fear not. It's not goat cheese either. 

The best way to describe this cheese - it's a fusion of most things I like about cheese. It has a bit of tang, a bit of nuttiness, but has a decently strong flavor. It's somewhat crumbly but also creamy. Not particularly spicy but has a certain warmth from the paprika, which also gives it the nice orange color.    What is a buenalba? I have no idea. But it's good, different, yet somewhat familiar. I'd definitely pick this up for a charcuterie board. Or straight-up cheese board. Definitely pick this up, because this baby is limited edition.   

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Buenalba with Paprika Cheese. Queso muy bueno. 8 out of 10. 


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