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Trader Joe's 3 Cheese Wafers

Never judge a book by its cover. Which I try not to do. I also try not to judge people either because that's a sure fire way not to make friends. :P  Trader Joe's products on the other hand? I can't help it. 

If you've ever taken communion or seen communion, chances are you thought the same two words that A and I both thought on separate occasions. Communion Wafers. Cheese Communion Wafers. Yes, really. 

I might be overanalyzing the packaging, but it does give me some religious vibes. Look at that outstretched hand. Does it not invite you to partake of the cheesy thin crisp bread wafer thing? Come all ye who are hungry. Or munchy. Or crunchy because you can eat the whole box like I did and not suffer any guilt afterward.*

*Disclaimer: I'm sure the product does not reflect any actual religious views of Trader Joe's, any New Zealander, or Mantou Joe for that matter. I jest. 

I missed the fine print on the box that says "actual size." A bit smaller than a U.S. quarter.

These had a pretty nice cheese flavor. I tasted mostly the parmesan while A tasted mostly cheddar, so if you have more balanced taste buds, you'll probably taste both. Not overpowering but not subtle. Not too salty but not bland. It is so thin, however, that I question whether or not it would actually practical for charcuterie. Why would you use such a thin cracker as a vessel to transport cheese into your mouth? I don't get it.  The texture isn't bad. Very light and surprisingly crisp. 

$2.49 for an entire box. Which isn't that big anyway. Tasty? Sure. Repurchase? Maybe. If I'm feeling guilty but cheesy.  But when do I feel guilt? Rarely. If ever

TL;DR: Trader Joe's 3 Cheese Wafers. Thin & crisp cheese wafers. It's aiite I guess. An ambivalent 5.5 out of 10. 


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