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Trader Jacques' Mango Macarons

As much as I love me some mango, I'm kind of glad that this mango mania madness is dying down. Too much hype creates too much expectation. Too much expectation ruins the enjoyment of trying stuff for the sake of trying stuff, which is what this blog is all about. Yes, this might be another (spoiler alert) ambivalent 5 out of 10 rating, but I still like trying new stuff and writing about it! And apparently y'all like reading my thoughts! Thank you! 

Elsewhere, I have praised the Trader Jacques macarons. Even if you live in nowhere near a fancy pants bakery or mall pop-up shop, thanks to my dear TJ's you can still get your hands on some decent French macarons for $4.99 (12 per box!). Seriously, what a steal. My local coffee shop imports them from New York at $1.95 a pop. Of the varieties I've tried, I love the chocolate one most, but of course I had to try me some mango macarons. 

Yes, these come from France. "Ooh la la, très delicious!" For the record, I did not use within 2 days of opening. I defrosted them whenever I was ready to eat them and returned the leftovers to the freezer on multiple occasions. 

And can I just point out that this ingredient list is a lot shorter than some of the other store-bought freezer-section macarons I've seen? I've had Costco ones, and the ingredient list was definitely three times longer. And one serving is three macarons! How generous! Although I haven't been able to eat more than two in one sitting. 

They have a garish orange color thanks to the turmeric.  These were definitely too sweet for me but still edible (unlike the pumpkin spice macarons. Don't get those. Those are terrible). To me, they lacked a distinct mango taste. I couldn't really tell if it was mango or some other fruit, perhaps apricot? The cookie itself was done well as usual with visible feet and that crisp, egg-shell like crust and chewy center. The filling amount was just right, and I liked that once fully defrosted, the filling was more of a paste (one that you can peel off in one go) rather than a messy cream. 

Unfortunately, the sweetness didn't really suit my taste. No repurchase for me, but possibly worth it if you have a hankering sweet tooth. 

TL;DR: Trader Jacques' Mango Macarons. There goes Jacques jumping on that Mango Mania train.  Decent macarons although too sweet and fruity for me. 5 out of 10. 


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