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Trader Joe's Hashbrowns

Forgive me. One day I will look back on some of the photos I've used for this blog and shudder at how I allowed pictures that look like the twilight zone onto the internet. But for now, this will suffice.

"Bacon & eggs totally dig Trader Joe's Hashbrowns." Why yes they do. With some ketchup. Love the whimsical packaging. I happen to have all three items in my fridge right now. Why I haven't made the quintessential all-American breakfast? Laziness. 

Please note that picture at the bottom is a plate with an egg and not an apple with a tumor. They've included a text box that says, "insert hashbrown here."

10 hashbrowns in a row. Snuggled like books on a shelf. $1.99 per package, which comes out to $0.20 per hashbrown. Not microwaveable. These babies need to be baked in the oven or crisped up on the stove. So I suppose I could have made the all-American breakfast if I wanted to...

Deliciously golden brown. They are a wee bigger than a deck of cards and crisp up fairly quickly on the stove. Not much to say on taste-  it tastes like a hashbrown? They look appetizing? They're user-friendly? This version has enough salt for me, but I suppose you could dunk it in ketchup or whatever condiment of choice. I crumbled this into a Tex-Mex salad with some veggies, avocado, chicken, and hot sauce. Delish.

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Hashbrowns. Reliably American breakfast food. I love breakfast. 8 out of 10. 


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