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Trader Joe's Natural Beef Jerky - Teriyaki Flavor

I never saw a need for beef jerky in my life. Until I got married. Apparently, guys need beef. Who knew. Also, my concept of beef jerky before TJ's was those rope-like slim jims. How that could pass for human sustenance? I have no idea. 

The only time we ever buy jerky is right before vacation, because for some reason travel triggers that part of my brain that realizes, "hmm. Maybe I shouldn't be consuming copious amounts of nutrient-poor salty crunchy snacks on the regular." I let A choose this one since I'm not the one who needs a snack to fulfill my daily beef intake.

Jerky is sliced meat, dried, and smoked. High protein and low fat. Thanks for the lesson, TJ's. And as with most of the TJ snacks, nothing too suspicious in the ingredient list. 

Looks like shoe leather, no? 

We opened the bag in the airport, and boy was it brutal. It had an overly soy-sauced, concentrated flavor that was just too much. Too salty. I only nibbled a small piece before putting it away. The next day in the Bahamas, however, the concentrated flavor had dissipated. Maybe it needed to air out, because the second day the jerky was quite delicious. A little sweet and savory, mildly smoky, and edible! Like the way you would expect a teriyaki jerky SHOULD taste. More soy sauce does not mean better! The texture was typical of TJ's jerkys - tough yet chewable in a good way, because jerky is a food that you have to gnaw on and conquer lest it conquers you. We demolished the rest of the bag that day. I've only tried one other TJ's jerky, which didn't have this huge second day difference, so I wonder if this is the case for some of the other jerkys. Status updates forthcoming on the blog, probably around the time of my next vacation. :P 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Natural Beef Jerky Teriyaki Flavor. Open the bag and let it air for a day for a more balanced savory/sweet teriyaki jerky. 6.5 out of 10. 


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