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Trader Joe's Legendary Nut & Berry Mix

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to another year and hopefully more delicious Trader Joe's! 

It's finally beginning to feel like a real winter here in the Northeast. Aigoo. This was the weather we were hoping to escape when planning our vacation for the first two weeks of December. Sadly, the weather was still ridiculously temperate and nice. As for today, it is the kind of day where I would rather tolerate the third day of unwashed hair than remove five layers of clothing and a down blanket to take a shower (but professionalism calls, so I'm afraid dry shampoo won't do here..) So let us take a trip down memory lane, to the time I took Trader Joe's with me on vacation. To the Bahamas. 

It's really weird how I generally pick healthier snacks when I go on vacation. Maybe because I know I'll be splurging and eating probably unhealthy foods. Instead of grabbing chips or my usual salty crunchy, I reach for nuts. But only on vacation. Weird. Maybe because nuts cost more per unit. For example, I usually don't pay more than $2ish dollars for my salty crunchy snacks. This bag of nuts went for $4.99 or $5.99, which is actually pretty reasonable. Then again, a good salty crunchy snack doesn't last more than 3 days around here, and this trail mix lasted almost a week in the Bahamas. Go figure.

I really thought this was going to be more of a snack item I would ignore because we'd be eating delicious food everyday. All the time. Actually this trail mix kind of saved breakfast and all the times I got hungry between meals. 

Unlike chips, trail mix like this actually has some nutritional value. And if you snack on nuts, you'll reach satiety faster. Good for those of y'all wanting to eat healthier this month year. I picked this one because it didn't have any chocolate that would melt in the luggage. 

So glad I bought packets of instant oatmeal, because groceries were crazy expensive! We topped of our morning oatmeal with this trail mix, which turned out to be quite tasty. Although cashews are one of my least favorite nuts, I didn't mind them here. Blueberry was a refreshing bonus to your typical raisin/craisin presence in the trail mix. Yay something different! I should say that the trail mix tasted much better on the second day. The first day you could taste stale air mixed in with the nuts and dried fruit, which was weird and off-putting, but it totally subsided once you let it air out a little.

Maybe what they mean by legendary is not so much that whoa..this is the Michael Jordan of trail mix. I didn't find it to be "legendary" or "ah-mazing." Maybe they don't mean superstar but more like reliably satisfying? More like an Andre Iguodala? But Iguodala ended up being the MVP of the last Finals...hmm. 

Here's my trail mix enjoying the view before my open air breakfast. Even if it was overcast for nearly the whole week. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Legendary Nut & Berry Mix. Affordable, healthy, and flexibly stackable for the salty and sweet people. 6.5 out of 10. 


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