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Trader Joe's Turkey Stuffing and Seasoned Kettle Chips

By the time this post goes up, these chips are probably long gone from the shelves at TJ's, because too often that's how life works. Enjoy the blessings while you can because they don't stay around forever, unless you've miraculously found something that does in fact last for eternity. But in this case, it's because I procrastinated. Sorry folks, this one's pretty decent but it's probably gone until next fall. Plus, who really wants more Thanksgiving food after Thanksgiving? 

Did y'all have a nice Thanksgiving? Are you sick of Thanksgiving food yet? After a week of indulgence, how about some potato chips?

Turkey and stuffing seasoning. I had no idea that was a real thing. 

"Turkey and stuffing seasoned what? Potato chips that taste like what? Have we absolutely lost our minds? Entirely possible. But if this is the end, what a way to go. Science fiction said that entire meals would one day be available in a single pill. We've one-upped sci-fi and delivered Thanksgiving dinner in the form of a potato chip. These thickly cut, kettle cooked chips are tossed in a seasoning that tastes like a traditional American Thanksgiving meal - first you taste the turkey, then comes the stuffing, and if you close your eyes, you'll swear you can taste the creamy gravy, too. Even as you crunch. One thing you won't be able to do is stay at one chip. Would you stop at one forkful of Thanksgiving dinner?"

I had a bunch of people taste-test this without showing them the package. The most common response was, "this tastes so...familiar." Unlike the Willy Wonka 3-course-meal gum, this chip doesn't  deliver Thanksgiving dinner in phases; it all hits you in one fell swoop, more or less. Very savory, peppery, and pretty close to Thanksgiving food. I mostly tasted the turkey and a bit of creamy gravy flavor; stuffing wasn't so obvious to me but other people said "whoa it's like stuffing!" There's also a bit of "brightness," which is probably the celery/parsley/sage herby mix.  I enjoyed these, but A didn't think of them so fondly. He's more of a traditionalist and doesn't get excited as much by new potato chip flavors. 

No potato chip can substitute Thanksgiving dinner, though I do applaud TJ's for presenting in the form of a delectable crunchy snack (as opposed to a sandwich or something). I can see this popular especially among Black Friday shoppers who skip Thanksgiving dinner to wait in a ridiculous line to score a $20 tablet. Was this a delicious potato chip? Yes. Does it make me want to hop right to the store tomorrow and ask when the next shipment will arrive? Will I call ahead and reserve 10 bags so I can hoard it away until it comes back next year? Nope. But worth a try and perhaps a repurchase. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Turkey Stuffing and Seasoned Kettle Chips. If for some reason I wanted to multitask and eat Thanksgiving and chips at the same time. 6.5 out of 10. 


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