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Trader Joe's Organic Mixed Baby Kale

I remember playing Apples & Apples with my freshman year residence hall (that board game where you throw down a noun card to suit the adjective card and everyone votes for the best pair). One girl said, "Babies. Works for everything." While I wouldn't agree that babies worked for every adjective, it did work well with a lot. Enormous babies. Dramatic babies. Hairy babies. 

"Baby" happens to increase appeal for food too, especially vegetables that are otherwise unappetizing to some people. Baby pickles. Baby corn. Baby carrots. Baby turnips. How about baby kale?

I don't care much for those articles floating around saying eating too much kale is bad for you (newsflash: eating too much of anything is probably bad for you). Kale is great. Kale is so great that Beyonce is making a lot of money from it. I'm sure if she came out with "Blue Ivy Baby Kale" people would buy it. Babies = money. Beyonce = money. Babies + Beyonce = Mad money. 

I digress. 

"Bred to be more tender than its adult counterpart, Organic Baby Kale does not have the large "rib" in the center of its leaves, making it perfect for raw salads, yet sturdy enough to stand up to hot dressing or a sauté."

It has a vague Kale taste in a distant-relative kind of way, which I suppose is a nice gateway veg for those who want to take baby steps toward the real thing. It is indeed milder but not really that exciting. It's better eaten raw than cooked because of its tender youth. A disapproves because I've trained him to not only consume but crave kale, and unfortunately this blend does not taste as well roasted or sautéd the way he likes. You're basically paying an extra $1.50 or so (I think one bag was around $3 or $3.50) for mixed greens with three magic words (organic, baby, and kale). Meh. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Organic Mixed Baby Kale. Okay if you want kale-in-training. I recommend the more "mature" kale instead. 5 out of 10. 


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