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Trader Joe's French Vanilla Coffee

Disclaimer: I am not a coffee connoisseur. But hey! I drink it! And it's at Trader Joe's! So here goes nothing. 

I shunned TJ's coffee after the fiasco that was the pumpkin spice coffee - so terrible it doesn't even deserve a blogpost. I figure I'd start with a safe choice before trying some of the other ones. TJ's has a limited selection of pre-ground coffee - which is good for the actual coffee connoisseur out there. They have a coffee grinder on site where you can grind the beans yourself, which I'll have to figure out eventually. The price point is reasonable too at about $6.99. I think they also have a decaf version of this french vanilla, but to me why bother drinking decaf at all? I love me some bitterness in the morning, but decaf is just the bitterness without the buzz. I am not about that life. 

This is my standard brewing set-up at home. I use the scoop that came with the drip mug to measure out a scoop and then some for about a 12 oz cup for consistency.  Ain't nobody got time for weaksauce coffee.

Overall, I was quite pleased. French-vanilla-flavored coffees can sometimes taste very artificial (ie. Dunkin Donuts), but I didn't find it was the case with this one. It was "full-bodied," as the description says - or maybe because I brewed it on the stronger side. I was able to drink this black no problem. 

Interestingly, I didn't really enjoy this coffee as much when I had it at work. Everyone else liked it, but to me it just didn't taste right. It was probably more due to how it was brewed than the coffee itself.It was a little too bitter/acidic and kind of watered down. Perhaps Lorelai Gilmore has been rubbing off on me (thank you, Netflix!). But overall, this is a very safe choice for "beginner" coffee drinkers. Nice flavor, pleasant aroma, decent smoothness. @baldosa11 Am I doing this right? Haha. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's French Vanilla Coffee. A decent cup o' Joe. Better than Dunkin Donuts! 7 out of 10. 


  1. Best line: "I'm not about that life." hahaha, down with decaf~


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