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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Crisps

It is a time-honored holiday tradition to give gifts. And to receive them. And to steal them. No crimes were committed or children harmed for the making of this post. I walked away with these chocolates from a snack-themed White Elephant gift exchange. My strategy? Have my gift stolen so I can steal back my own gift given my bias for the salty and crunchy. 

But anyhow, shoutout to SWIRLS and the benevolent YAFers that neglected to steal these chocolate crisps away. These chocolates are available year-round in the frozen food/sweets aisle. And look! One-third of the packaging equates to one serving! Good news for chocolate lovers. 

Contrary to the deceiving packaging, these are not chocolate-covered potato chips, which is kind of a letdown. At least chocolate-covered potato chip carries some novelty and has the sweet-savory factor.  There is nothing potato chip-y about these crisps besides the stackable shape. But let's not accuse TJ's of false advertising - no potato chip promises were made on the packaging. Unless you're British. And considering my admiration for BBC shows, I naturally assumed crisps = potato chips. My bad. 

Nothing special. I did enjoy the dark chocolate crisps more than the milk chocolate ones, and the crowd I polled agreed. The milk chocolate one tastes like a Crunch bar, which might be a good thing if you happen to love Crunch bars. These chocolates require mastication for optimal enjoyment, as opposed to allowing it to melt in your mouth. A sprinkle of sea salt to the dark chocolate would make a more sophisticated flavor combo, but it was alright as is. 

TL;DR: Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps. 5 out of 10. Milk Chocolate [Crunch Bar] Crisps. 4 out of 10. Potato-free crisps, y'all. 


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